There may be slight variations in colour or texture due to the nature of the product in its natural state. The bamboo’s primary function are decorative and not structural, they may respond poorly to extreme weather conditions. The material may dry out and appear grey, crack or split. In some instances, due to its high starch content, bamboo may attract fungus and turn black when saturated in the rain or in an environment conducive to fungus and mould (such as damp and shady areas). This can be overcome in most cases with regular & proper maintenance. To maintain its beautiful appearance install the bamboo then wait 3-4 weeks before coating the bamboo with a locally purchased product. Most bamboo products coming out of Asia are coated with a product that is not UV rated. This coating disintegrates within a few weeks therefore it is important to coat the bamboo with a UV rated coating. We found that decking oil (Oil Based) works great and is easy to apply (Please refer to tin for application instructions and manufacturers website, also found on tin, for more information). Bamboo should be completely dry before application of protective coating and the coating should be reapplied once or twice a year in order to maintain the water resistant seal. Some environments are harsher than others and will require more regular upkeep. You don’t need to sand the bamboo as this removes the texture but do make sure the bamboo is clean of dust and debris before coating. You can use most external decking oils such as Intergrain, Sikkens, Feast Watson, Wattyl, etc…… At our display we have used Cabot’s Natural Decking Oil – Oil Based in the Merbau colour. If you prefer the natural look then use a clear coating. If you have a lighter colour bamboo and want to make it brown or if you have bamboo that has been neglected or has completely faded we found that a great product to use is: Intergrain Natural Stain – (Rich Chocolate). The Rich Chocolate colour is mixed in store where you purchase the product, i.e Bunnings etc… We found this product will restore the bamboo very close to the original colour. Regardless of product used to coat the bamboo please follow the manufacturers instructions. For exchange or refund goods must be returned in their original condition within 7 days. No responsibility is taken for damage or loss to products after a delivery has been made or goods have been picked up.