How to Install Bamboo Fence Panels to a Brick or Concrete Wall

First you will be anchoring your treated pine timbers to the wall running horizontally. One will be attached near the top of the wall and one near the bottom.

It is important to make sure your timbers are running fairly level along the wall. You can use an existing mortar line or just use a level and make marks on the wall where you are going to attach your timbers.

  • Drill a hole through your timbers using a wood drill bit large enough to fit the dynabolts. Then through the holes in the timbers mark where to drill through the wall. The depth of the hole must be deeper than the dynabolt. (You can also countersink the dynabolts into the timber using a countersink bit).
  • Place a timber in position and Insert and install the dynabolt. Do not over torque.
  • Fasten three or four dynabolts in each 2.4m long timber. This will be plenty. If your timber is longer you will need to use more dynabolts.
  • Once you have fastened your timbers along the length of the wall you can refer to “How to Install Bamboo Fence Panels to a Timber Fence or Frame”.


You will need: Treated Pine 70mm x 35mm (lengths depend on length of the wall), Dynabolts, Concrete Drill Bit, Timber Drill Bit, Bamboo Fence Panels and tools to fasten dynabolts.