How to Install Timber Frame to Existing Fence

    Brackets   90×90 140×45 90×22 Decking
  • Install 90 x 90 timber posts. We used 38mm x 38mm angle brackets to install posts to a colorbond fence. Hold post in position, place bracket in position against the top colorbond rail and timber post. Mark hole centres on timber, drill 2 holes and insert 2 screws (we used 57mm chipboard screws). Now put post back in position and drill 2 holes into colorbond rail and insert 2 screws. Do the same for both sides of the post (left and right) and repeat at the bottom of the post and screw to bottom rail. i.e you should use 4 brackets per post.
  • Install 3 bamboo panels (See instructions – “How to install to colorbond fence” or “How to install to timber fence” depending on your situation. Here we used 1.8m high bamboo panels.
  • Repeat the process until you have installed all the posts and bamboo panels.
  • Install the capping 140 x 45.Use wider capping if you are installing bamboo on both sides. We used 6m lengths but use the length that is suitable for your situation. Drill 2 holes and insert 2 screws through the capping and into the top of the posts installed earlier. We used 100mm long screws.
  • Install decking boards. Measure from posts to post and cut the decking board to fit in place. If the colorbond rail is at the same level you can drill a hole and insert a screw to the colorbond rail to hold the decking board in place. If you are higher than the existing fence and there is no backing to screw into you will then need to screw the decking boards to the posts. Do this at a 45 degree angle. Drill 2 holes and insert 2 screw to the posts on each side (left and right). If there is a gap to the capping you can also put an additional screw through the decking board to the capping to eliminate gap.

  • If you need to cut the bamboo use a Metal Cutting Disc on an angle grinder, the same as you would use to cut steel. A circular saw tends to shred the bamboo. You can also use a hand saw.
  • Note: The bamboo panels can be adjusted slightly to suit small angles. When cutting you can install the panels and then cut, or you cut one at a time by using a string line to mark the line to cut. Install the cut panel and then mark and cut the next one etc… You will also need to cut the top of the posts to suit the angle so that you can install the capping.