How to Install Bamboo Fence Panels to a Timber Fence or Frame

  • If the timber fence posts protrude on your side of the fence you may want to install timber battens first to make it all flush, otherwise you need to cut the width of the panels when you get to each post.
  • If you have the palings on your side look for the horizontal row of nails. This is the level at which you want to insert the screws as there is a thick horizontal timber on the other side.

    Look for the rows of nails. This is the level at which to insert the screws.


  • Place a bamboo panel in position on the timber fence.
  • Choose a corner at the top of the bamboo panel and drill a hole through the bamboo and into the timber.Make sure the drill bit you are using is smaller in thickness than your screws.
  • Insert a screw. You can use wood or chipboard screws. If you are near the coast you may want to use rust proof or stainless steel screws. Use screws approx 57mm to 65mm in length depending on the thickness of the bamboo. Use the standard Phillips head screws as these are the least noticeable.
  • Now drill a hole and insert a screw on the opposite top corner of the bamboo panel and insert a screw.
  • Now do the same at the bottom of the panel. (optional, you can also insert a third screw in between the left and right screws.
  • Place the next panel to be installed and repeat above process.

Cutting the Bamboo

If you need to cut the bamboo use a Metal Cutting Disc on an angle grinder, the same as you would use to cut steel. A circular saw tends to shred the bamboo. You can also use a hand saw.